PZ Summer Camps

Challenge your mind this summer with PZ’s fun and uniquely designed summer camps.

Welcome to PZ Math!

Mathematical thinking is more than math – it’s a way of viewing the world and thinking logically and effectively. It’s about problem-solving and effective communication across all disciplines. 

Both of our summer camps offer an intensive, yet exciting, and fun-filled courses of academic enrichment based on our unique curriculum for all participants.

Why Choose a PZ Camp


Explore how a logical and systematic foundation can enhance your life and success, in college and beyond.


Education is about discovery, not memorization.


Create new ways of viewing and understanding the world around you.

Student Testimonials

"Thank you for one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I have learned so much, and I can’t wait for more fun math in my future."

"The overall experience far exceeded my expectations…"

“The lectures were better than from any other teacher I’ve ever had!”

Summer Camps

PZMC Number Theory

PZ Math Camp – Number Theory is a residential math camp for about 25 mathematically gifted high school students who have completed or are currently enrolled in Algebra 2 or its equivalent. Students will be exposed to several different areas of mathematics through colloquia and other activities, but the primary focus of the camp will be Number Theory & The Art of Mathematical Thinking. Students will learn to explore the theory of numbers by asking thoughtful questions, working out examples, looking for patterns, making conjectures, and finally, proving their results. Applications are due in April, and selected participants will be notified by early May.

College Prep Bootcamp

PZ College Prep Bootcamp is a one-week residential camp designed to give you a glimpse into what college life entails, and teach you how to make your college experience as successful as possible! Held at Williams College, and taught by a Williams College math professor, this camp will prepare you to make your college life a success from day one. We look at all aspects of college preparedness and success. We will learn how to think more logically and communicate more effectively, exercise and strengthen our executive functioning skills, identify ways to self-motivate and self-regulate, as well as learn how to seamlessly put all of these skills and experiences together into one package – a happy and successful college student: you! Design your own college experience rather than just letting life happen to you.

A typical day at camp includes attending interactive lectures on logic and problem solving, writing workshops, panel discussions, and guest speakers, breakout sessions on public speaking, time management, college fundamentals, and more. We will also have time for social activities like movie nights, museum trips, and more.

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