PZ Math Calculus Prep

Two locations this year: Westport, CT and Newton, MA


Early Registration Deadline Extended:  Register by June 21 for reduced tuition


PZ Math Calculus Prep is a one-week camp that will prepare you for all the rigor of the AP Calculus curriculum. Our unique approach blends the development of a deep understanding of the big picture of Calculus with the strengthening of important foundational skills. With constant practice and individualized feedback, we’ll guide students through the two primary ideas of Calculus, rates of change and area, while reinforcing all the required skills in algebra, trigonometry, and limits. Beyond content, students will learn powerful problem solving techniques and study skills to be successful in their AP Calculus course, on the AP exam, and beyond. By the end of the week, students will have all the skills and resources necessary to thrive in AP Calculus.


  • A deep understanding of limits and derivatives
  • Improved algebra and trig skills
  • AP test strategies

Math Strategies

  • Problem solving tips and strategies for how to approach difficult questions
  • Concrete strategies to lessen math anxiety
  • Math study skills
  • How to ask questions to further one’s understanding.
  • Critical logical thinking skills that go beyond math courses


  • 1 page topic sheets summarizing the fundamental ideas in Calculus
  • Worked examples, with solutions
  • Practice tests, with solutions

Student Quote

Thank you for one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I have learned so much, and I can’t wait for more fun math in my future.