College Prep Bootcamp

Dive into the strategies you will use at college to make the most of all the possibilities that await you.

College Prep Bootcamp

Camp Overview


Do you have what it takes to succeed in college and beyond?  Work ethic, drive, dedication to one’s goals, time management, logical reasoning skills, communication skills, and other habits of mind – each of these qualities are essential for making the most out of all the opportunities that await you in higher education. While this camp may help you decide what sort of school is for you if you are getting ready to apply, getting into college is not the focus. Instead, we will dive into the strategies you will use at college (and in life outside of the ivory tower) to make the most of all the possibilities that await you. This camp is suitable for juniors and seniors in high school as well as those who have already started college but want to enrich and deepen their academic experience there.

Logic and mathematical thinking are not just for mathematicians and scientists. We will see how the same logical and proactive mindsets and approaches to problem solving are just as effective for writing papers and debating philosophical arguments as they are in proving a theorem or answering a scientific question. In fact, we will see how logic puzzles can instill life-long lessons and skills for success. By taking a proactive and effectual approach to your college experience, you can create the life that you want for yourself, while maintaining a healthy and holistic balance between academics and life beyond the college classroom.

*We are planning to host camp in person this year. Specific covid precautions to follow.*

Camp Details:

Location: Williams College

Camp Fee: $2,200

Camp Dates: July 11-15, 2022


“Thank you so much, this has been awesome! … there should be a part 2 so we can come back!”

“The lectures were better than from any other teacher I’ve ever had!”

“Thanks so much for such a fun week. I’ve never had so much fun and learned so much at the same time."

Camp Experience

College Prep Bootcamp is a one-week residential camp designed to give you a glimpse into what college life entails, and teach you how to make your college experience as successful as possible! Held at Williams College, and taught by a Williams College math professor, this camp will prepare you to make your college life a success from day one. We’ve seen so many students struggle in their first year of college:  failing with time management, being away from home for the first time, not knowing how to approach professors or choose the right courses, not understanding where to seek help or what is expected, feeling like a little fish in a big pond. We will help you with all of these issues before they become problematic, by taking a proactive approach. Design your own college experience rather than just letting life happen to you.

College Prep Bootcamp is not a math camp, but we will teach logic and problem solving skills that are useful across all disciplines, including writing and all forms of communication. Building a logical and effective approach to dealing with college life and the world at large, we will give students a strong foundation to carry forward and build on. Start college with a “win or learn” attitude and the life skills you need to succeed.

In addition to daily lectures, workshops, and college bootcamp skill sessions, campers will have time to explore what life is really like on an active college campus. Participants will have access to the college’s library, gym, and more. Camp is 9:30 – 5 daily, with optional social activities in the evenings.

Meet the Instructor

Allison Pacelli, Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, is the Founder and Director of PZMC (formerly known as Williams College Math Camp WCMC).  Pacelli received her Ph.D. in 2003 at Brown University, in the field of algebraic number theory.  Pacelli is an award-winning teacher and the author of numerous research papers as well as the textbook (with Alan Taylor)  Mathematics and Politics:  Strategy, Voting, Power, and Proof (2nd edition).


How much does it cost to attend Bootcamp?

2022: $2,200 (For those whose combined family income is at least $60,000 per year).  Includes lodging and all meals while camp is in session. Financial aid is available to those whose combined family income is less than $60,000. Early Arrival or Late Departure: $100 (each extra day)

Who is elegible to attend Bootcamp?

College Prep Bootcamp is particularly targeted towards students about to begin college in the fall or who have been struggling in their first year this year. Current high school sophomores, juniors, and college sophomores are also eligible to register. Contact us at with any questions about whether this is the right camp for you.

When is camp?

July 11-July 15, 2022. Camp will begin at 9am on July 11th, and end at 4pm on July 15th. It is possible to stay at Williams for the nights of July 10th and or July 16th if necessary for transportation, but there will be an additional fee.

What will it be like to attend Bootcamp?

Campers will attend class, guest lectures, panel discussions, and break out activities during the mornings and afternoons.  Evenings will offer opportunities for various recreational activities including museums, college facilities, hiking, and more. Get a sneak peek into college life, while learning how to best take advantage of all college has to offer.

Do you have more questions?

Contact Professor Allison Pacelli by clicking here.