About the Instructor

Director: Allison Pacelli

Dr. Allison Pacelli is a Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, ranked as the top liberal arts college for the 14th year in a row by the U.S. News & World Report. She is the founder and director of the Williams College Math Camp. Pacelli graduated summa cum laude from Union College in 1997. She earned her Ph.D. in mathematics at Brown University in 2003, where she won the Mathematics Department Outstanding Teaching Prize and the university-wide Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching. She also taught and designed courses for the Brown University Summer Pre-College Program for several summers. She’s been a faculty member at Williams since 2003, teaching introductory courses including Calculus and The Beauty of Numbers, intermediate courses such as Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and Math Education, as well as advanced courses in Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, and Algebraic Number Theory. Pacelli’s primary area of research is in algebraic number theory, though she has done work in Math Education and Mathematics and Politics as well. She is the author of several research papers in mathematics, and coauthor of the book Mathematics and Politics: Strategy, Voting, Power, and Proof, published by Springer-Verlag. In addition, Pacelli works as a math education consultant with K-12 teachers.

Student Testimonials

“I love Prof. Pacelli’s energy, and how obvious her enthusiasm fo the subject is. It’s contagious… She’s a fantastic teacher!”

“Thank you, Professor Pacelli, for broadening my knowledge of what my future in mathematics looks like, as well as challenging me beyond what any teacher has ever done for me.”

“Thank you for teaching us so much – I have never had an experience so equally humbling and inspiring.”